Rafael walking a bridge

Rafael, the human being

I am a curious person and an explorer. Understanding things is one of my biggest motivators. It has to be a superficial understanding in areas out of my scope, but I like to get a fuller picture when I can.

When it comes to technology, I am always testing new things, new languages, software, and projects. I do this looking for better solutions to real solutions, or just to get to know new things that could be useful someday.

I love to travel (that's me exploring the world, I guess). I believe seeing different places, cultures and people is very enriching to me as an individual.

Rafael, the professional

I have a questioning mind guided by reason. I always aim to establish trust in my workspace, so I can propose and discuss changes. I try to improve the quality of the projects I work on, both on a technical (engineering) and a product approach.

I gravitate toward being in the planning and discovery of products and solutions.

I am a Computer Scientist with a Bachelor’s Degree from IFB - Instituto Federal de Brasília (Federal institute of Brasília).

I was a Researcher from Dec 2017 to Dec 2019 with the University of Brasília and governmental agencies. I did Micro Service development with Python and GO.

I started working in the tech industry in Dec 2019. Due to a combination of company needs and personal interests, I specialized in Data Engineering.

I formed and led a six members squad with Data analysts and Data engineers. In this team, I was the technical leader and guided our solutions. With them, I created and evolved what became our current data platform.

Since then, we have gone through a downsizing. I no longer have a team to manage. I am still the maintainer of the platform, but that's not all I do. I also do software development in Golang and Vue, also Python and Rust when needed.

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