Rafael walking a bridge

Who am I

I am driven by an insatiable curiosity and a love for exploration. The quest for understanding is one of my greatest motivations in life.

Regarding technology, I constantly explore and experiment with new programming languages, software, and projects, pushing my boundaries to learn and grow.

I have a deep love for traveling. Discovering different places, cultures, and connecting with people from various backgrounds enriches my life. These experiences broaden my horizons and positively impact me.

In essence, my journey as a curious person and explorer revolves around the pursuit of knowledge, new experiences, and the appreciation of the diverse world we inhabit.

As a professional

I am a software engineer with a keen and curious mind. Guided by reason, I am always eager to question and explore new ideas.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from IFB - Instituto Federal de Brasília (Federal Institute of Brasília), which has provided me with a strong academic foundation.

Building trust in my workspace is crucial to me, as it enables me to propose and engage in constructive discussions about potential changes that can enhance our projects.

My approach to work involves both the technical engineering aspects and the product development side, aiming to consistently improve the quality of the projects I am involved in.

As part of my journey, I had the privilege of forming and leading a team of six talented individuals, comprising Data analysts and Data engineers. Taking on the role of the technical leader, we created and evolved a robust data platform that remains in use today.

In summary, my journey as a software engineer has been driven by a deep sense of curiosity, a commitment to quality, and a continuous pursuit of growth and learning. I am dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the field of technology and to the success of the projects I undertake.

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